Got a job at Office Depot. Woot! Now let’s just hope I don’t screw it up somehow.



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Aaaand I will do it too

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Home is where I make popcorn

I felt like my apartment was my new home when I figured out how long it took popcorn to be ready in the microwave (the popcorn setting was a very very very bad idea). 

I had a good Valentine’s Day weekend. It didn’t go as expected, but it was good. You know life is okay when a cold is just a thing that’s going on, rather than the thing that’s going on.

Baking with a friend on Wednesday didn’t happen, but I did bake with my roommate on Thursday night. She’s cool, so that was totally fine with me. Friday was spent in chaos with some baking too. I spent Saturday with my family for a bit and then with my boyfriend. We ate pho, thoroughly enjoyed Lego Movie, and saw a production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Very good day. I got to bake with my friend on Sunday, so that was awesome. Maybe next time pie dough won’t somehow turn into bread dough. 

Commence hectic week before fun weekend before midterms. 

V-day Baking

I am going to be so many kinds of not alone for Valentine’s Day celebrations. I’m baking with a friend on Wednesday, seeing my boyfriend on V-day itself (some baked goods in hand, of course), and baking with another friend on Sunday. Also delivering a cake for my aunt and uncle’s anniversary which is so much cooler than Valentine’s Day. I hope to be delivering a (hot pink) belated birthday present as well. I’m excited. 

If you’re single and lonely, I can’t help very much. I would bake with you if I knew you well enough to invite you to my apartment. You definitely deserve a cake. I think I know someone who would make you one for a donation of some amount of money. (It’s not me, but I’m pretty sure she’s good at baking.) Also, music. Also, I once got a cavity filled on Valentine’s Day and that’s all I did that day. So don’t be so sad. Though, I was pretty happy to get my cavity all fixed up. Be glad you don’t have my dating history? Because you should. Don’t date guys who say they would’ve preferred to have dated your curvier friend and call you stupid. Don’t do that. It’s not good for you. There is no way for something like that to be balanced by any good trait. You are someone’s #1 choice and you are worthy of respect.

Before I can have all that fun, I have a lab report to finish on the cardiovascular system. How appropriate, I know. 

Obsessed with Notecards turned 4 today!

Obsessed with Notecards turned 4 today!

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It will surprise no one that I am more concerned about my Pi Day plans than my Valentine’s Day plans. One of those is between my lab practical and the weekend before finals. I really miss the semester system right now. If there is a way to submit any homework or final in the form of a pie, I just might do it. 

It’s Leaf Blower Wednesday. I’d hate it if it hadn’t saved me from missing a class by waking me up when I’d fallen asleep after my alarm had gone off one time. It’s also pretty quiet today. There just aren’t that many leaves to blow right now.

10 books so far!


I just finished “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”. Fantastic book. “Festival of Bones” should be short, so that’ll be 11 by the end of the day, I hope. 

I think I can read 30 books this year. 

Update: I read 36.

The three new cats. Little Hawkeye (He’s been renamed Rex, but I won’t stand for it) is a happy little kitten. He was all over everything.


I’m not sure I’ve ever been this social in one week while also finishing a book and taking classes. The more exciting progressions took place in the kitchen though. I now have a hand mixer and I tried 3 different recipes for various types of cookies. 

It is entirely possible that I’ve been wearing my boyfriend’s lost ring. So I might have lost mine. Hmm.

Because I’m such a wild child

My grandparents probably think I lied when I said that I was going to get ice cream with my friends after finals on Friday. But that’s really what I’m doing. The presence of alcohol in my apartment is very misleading unless you know what the bottles with vodka and vanilla beans are doing there. But they haven’t seen that. 

Anyway, 2 finals down, 1 to go, ice cream to look forward to! 

I’ll have a B going into the final anyway. And I understand recursion kind of!

Me last week: Recursion doesn’t make any sense. I’ll just do the really big program and hope that someone can help me with 2 recursion programs.

Me tonight: I am only capable of finishing the recursion programs. This really big program is getting submitted with all the code there that I could think of. It just won’t compile, so I’ll lose points there. Oh, well.

I didn’t press publish several weeks ago. That’s okay. I was probably going to take the same exact picture before I thought to check my drafts. Projects due Friday, finals next week.

I didn’t press publish several weeks ago. That’s okay. I was probably going to take the same exact picture before I thought to check my drafts. Projects due Friday, finals next week.